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They Love Us

Our old pup is a new patient at Ridgetowne, and we left very pleased! Dr. Lloyd took great care of our dog and took time to sit down and talk to us about our dog’s health. He gave us full time to voice our concerns, kept eye contact and truly listened as we talked about our dog’s medical history. Everyone was pleasant, friendly, and welcoming. We’re excited to have a clinic close to home that also truly cares. Thanks, Ridgetowne!


I would recommend this place to anyone! They are always so kind and remember my dogs. They are incredibly helpful whether or not I can come to the vet at that moment or not. Definitely take your pets there. Top quality care :)


This is such an amazing clinic for your pets. The veterinarians are great. They will take as much time with you as you need. So knowledgeable and caring. The staff is super! They are all so friendly and helpful. I can’t imagine taking my pets anywhere else.


So, being in marketing, there's one major downfall of social media outlets to voice your "opinions" and blast them all in great detail to yelp, google, facebook, etc. when things don't go exactly 100% perfect. HOWEVER, when things go great, no hiccups, no issues... those same people tend to forget to go voice those "opinions" in a positive manner as well.

So because of this, I'm going to write a mini book here & give a detailed account of my personal experience(s) with Ridgetowne Animal Clinic - so maybe somebody looking for a veterinarian will see the genuinity in my tone, and decide to try you guys out just one time. I know that it only took me one time for me to see the difference between you comparatively to your competition / alternate "vets".

1st and foremost... I HIGHLY recommend Ridgetowne Animal Clinic! My miniature goldendoodle, Sophie, all jokes aside, gets mind-blowingly excited when she sees that we've pulled up to their facility!

To me, it's almost unfathomable! If I were a dog, I'd think of going to the vet in the same way I do going to the dentist's office. I've never heard anyone in my 32 years of existence say, "Wow, today is going to be an INCREDIBLE day. I just CAN'T WAIT to go to the dentist today! Maybe, just maybe I'll have more cavities to fill, or even a root canal!" Have you? Didn't think so. Nobody likes going to the dentist, however, we all still go if we want to keep our teeth. So we bite the bullet for the necessary evil! The same goes for vets! My former pup HATED the vet, and even my current pup wasn't a huge fan of her 1st veterinarian's office. I had to drag her in sometimes! Not because they were bad, but because she knew every time she went there, bad crap was about to go down!

The CRAZIEST part is that when Sophie leaves Ridgetowne Animal Clinic, she somehow leaves happier than when she came in! I know this isn't because it's all roses and butterflies too! Sometimes, it can get pretty intense! However, this is where I talk about the staff.

The reason my g-doodle loves going while still enduring the unfortunate few moments of the 'not-so-fun' time during the appointment is completely, 100%, because of all the love and sweetness they put into each and every animal there. They don't treat my Sophie differently, it's just how they treat every animal that comes through their doors.

I came here initially out of convenience (across the street from work), and could drop her off and come back whenever I had a break, or even at the end of the day if she'd be all done. But now, even if my work changes office locations, Sophie & I will ALWAYS continue to come here. Why? Well, all pet owners know that saying, "If my pup is happy, then this guy's happy!"

Thank you, 1st and foremost, Dr. Lloyd! You're always greeting us with smiles and hugs for Sophie. Jimmy, Komaro, Candace & Trevor, thank you for always being kind and playful when she comes. I know she can be a handful sometimes, but you're all so professional, but also have a good time goofing around with her to make her less nervous! You guys also are never without a smile when you see her. Plain and simply, you're great with her! And finally Kaity... thank you for literally EVERYTHING you've done not just for my pup, but for me! Whether it's getting records for insurance, or booking last minute appointments, to calling to check in on both me and Sophie for your post-appointment follow ups. You're the first person that everyone sees when they walk in, as well as the last when they walk out, and Dr. Lloyd made a smart move having you be that person. Your positivity is contagious, and we appreciate you!


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