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Hello there! My name is Tipsey! Webster Animal Shelter brought me to Ridgetowne for the first time in April of 2023. I was a tiny ball of gray fluff and I had the funniest little tip to my head (Hense the name Tipsey). The caring folks at Ridgetowne weren't entirely sure about the reason behind my head tilt, wondering if it was a neurological issue or a pesky ear infection. They didn't waste any time in giving me the best possible care. So, they treated me for an ear infection, and much to everyone's delight, in less than three weeks, I was back to my mischievous self, and my head tilt disappeared. But fear not, my spunky attitude remained intact!

You'll often find me dashing around with the kitty zoomies, playfully knocking things over at the front desk, or cunningly fooling everyone with my sweet little face when I'm curled up for a catnap. I'm a bundle of energy, full of life, and a little bit goofy, too! I have a peculiar quirk that sets me apart from my other feline friends—I absolutely love being held upside down. It might seem strange, but being cradled in such a manner calms me down and makes me feel all cozy and sleepy. Go figure!

My days at Ridgetowne Animal Clinic are filled with love, fun, and endless entertainment. I've become the beloved mascot, and I'm adored by both the staff and visitors alike. As the clinic kitty, I take my duties seriously, making sure everyone feels welcome and receives a dose of feline joy during their visits. So, if you happen to swing by Ridgetowne Animal Clinic, keep an eye out for me. Who knows, maybe you'll catch me in action, running around, or enjoying my favorite upside-down cuddle time!

Tip Tip

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